Privacy Policy

At Lotus Property Management [formally Triple Kay], we adhere strictly to the Principles of the Privacy Act 1993

Those principles can be viewed here.

In addition, where we have had tenants reside with us and move on; we expect that there will be enquiries from prospective landlords asking for references. We expect, and believe on reasonable grounds, that our outgoing tenants will have given permission for prospective landlords to make enquiries from us about rental payments, property condition and other related tenancy matters.

We believe this, simply because the new prospective landlord has contacted us and will not have access to our contact details without the outgoing tenant providing them (Information Privacy Principles, Principle 2-2b).

Under those circumstances, we will provide references. Our references will be accurate and basic. Rent payments made/missed, property left in a reasonable clean, reasonably tidy condition and, sometimes, we will advise the prospective landlord of our wish to retain the tenant. Those tenants who have given us problems will have provable comments passed on as well.

Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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