meet the 'us' in lotus

Lotus Property Management is a family-owned business based in Christchurch. Keys shepherds the business, Irini oversees the maintenance of our client's properties and Patra handles the inevitable paper war as well as property inspections. Together they work as a dynamic team supporting each other in their work.

Keys Kerdemelidis-Kiesanowski

In the industry since 1995 as a landlord and a qualified Property Manager, Keys is pedantic and picky; good traits to keep tardy tenants in line. Working since 2006 for clients, Keys has gradually increased the business at a steady and manageable pace. Helpful and fair, Keys sides with what is right, not what is nice to do. He takes no prisoners.

Irini Kerdemelidis-Kiesanowski

Qualified in Property Management Christchurch, Irini spent the greater part of her working life as a Beauty Therapist extending into Micropigmentation (tattooing makeup). Irini has found her background is trained to notice detail. Responsible for all aspects of property maintenance in Christchurch, Irini has been instrumental in the seamless repairs to date on earthquake damaged properties with access to EQC repair hubs.

Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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