About Lotus Property Management

Lotus Property Management [formally Triple Kay Property Management] is a family-owned rental property management business based in Christchurch. Keys shepherds the business, Irini oversees the maintenance of our clients' properties, Lily handles the inevitable paper war and Nigel keeps an eye on the rental property inspections. Together, they work as a dynamic team supporting each other in their work.

"He is also very fair in his dealings. You would have to get up VERY early to even try to put one over Keys. He is well aware that his business depends on doing good business for you."

Lotus Property Management has experience with Tenancy Tribunal procedures and has successfully won judgements for their clients' in many instances, several of which involve exemplary damages for unlawful acts committed by tenants (noisy parties for example).

Keys and his team offer a professional rental property management service for those who want less stress and a buffer between them and their tenancies. Their proven management style has gained us a reputation as being straight-forward, honest, practical letting agents with a professional attitude.

Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

We've Rebranded!

We're the same professional team and company with an updated look.


Triple Kay Quality Property Managers
Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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