Triple Kay Property Management

Triple Kay Property Management began nearly 20 years ago when Keys wanted the ability to choose quality tenants for the Landlords on his books.

With Keys in charge, Triple Kay Property Management has grown to a well respected property management company with many successful properties on their books.


In 2016, Triple Kay repbranded as a new entity.


LPM (formerly Triple Kay Property Management) are experts at dealing with Tenancy Tribunal procedures. Triple Kay Property Management have an excellent track record at working good outcomes for the Triple Kay Property Management clients. Even things which are difficult to manage, such as noisy parties, have had outcomes for exemplary damages.


The LPM team (formerly Triple Kay Property Management) provide a professional service for their clients. The Triple Kay Property team have experience in helping their clients have less stress by not having to deal directly with their tenants and the tenancies.


The LPM team (formerly Triple Kay Property Management) have proven  that they are straight-forward, honest, practical people with a professional attitude.

As Triple Kay Property Management and now LPM, the team pride themselves on continually being up date with all the latest changes to legislation which affect Residential Tenancies.

Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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