Advice for choosing a Letting Agent

Lotus Property Management are your preferred team for rental property management.

When you are choosing a letting agent, you need one who is going to safeguard your property. You need to choose a letting agent who understands the local market and who operates to the highest possible standards at all times. At Lotus, we use consistent, proven procedures so that we know no stone will be left unturned and nothing will be left to chance. We all the letting agents for property from studio units to large residences and over the years we've dealt with virtually every style of property in between. At Lotus, we know exactly what needs to be done as the successful letting agents for your property. One of the keys to our success as a letting agent, are our robust vetting of prospective tenants. Our extensive knowledge of Christchurch and the Canterbury area and property market gives us the edge as letting agents with every valuation we complete.

Lotus is are full service letting agents in Christchurch.  We provide services to residential property owners and tenants.

When you engage us as your letting agent Christchurch, the prospective tenants undergo a full check before being approved for tenancy.  Upon being approved for residency we will collect monies due per the Lease Agreement and provide for their maintenance and repair needs.  

When you have Lotus Property Management as your letting agent in Christchurch, you have the peace of mind in knowing that not only do you have the right tenant, but also your tenant is being provided with prompt, quality repair and maintenance services to their properties.


Our mission is simple: Lotus want to be the best letting agents and property management solutions provider in the Christchurch area. At Lotus, we recognise that making a ‘quick buck’ isn’t a sustainable or viable long term solution. The only way to attain your property goals is by managing your property thereby maintaining your property successfully while making money from your tenants.If you would like further information on Lotus letting agents or finding a property to rent. Simply chat with one of our letting agents about how we can help you. Alternatively complete the query form and one of the Lotus Property Management team will be happy to call.


With us as your letting agent you will have the peace of mind that your property is in safe hands.


Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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