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Rental Property Management

 We here at Lotus Property Management [formerly Triple Kay] offer a personal rental property management service, with a professional attitude, to ensure that both client and tenant problems are dealt with in a timely manner.

"They work for themselves so care about whether their customers are happy. they know the RTA inside out (anyone on here can confirm Keys is the best one for curly questions of that nature). They know how to look after property as they have their own. They can look the part (i.e. tough) when you need it and will be firm but fair to protect your interests. What more can I say..."

Keys Kerdemelidis-Kiesanowski

Our guarantee to you—If we make a mistake, you don't pay!

In the rental property industry since 1995 as a landlord and a qualified Property Manager, Keys is pedantic and picky; good traits to keep tardy tenants in line.

Working since 2006 for clients, Keys has gradually increased the letting agent business at a steady and manageable pace. Helpful and fair, Keys sides with what is right, not what is nice to do. He takes no prisoners.

Keys Kerdemelidis-Kiesanowski
Lotus Qualified Property Management Christchurch

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